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Our services include:

  • Pre-Screening of candidates.
  • Candidates sourced through COLD calling or networking.
  • Passive but motivated candidates for career advancement
  • Direct placement
  • Contract work
  • Project management (on and off site)

In brief, you should know this--

Our company was established in 1998 and we have been responsible for providing outstanding placement of candidates ever since.
Our clients particularly value our service as it does not involve using resume banks when we source talented candidates.

What makes us different from other Recruiting firms:-
1. We don't fish -  We recruit!  Every candidate is pre-screened.
2. Time is Money and your investors don't care about the daily issues of the company. They only want to see their ROI with results and we produce results.
3. We treat projects with a  "sense of urgency". We produce TALENT that matches the job requirements.
4. No up front fees nor retainer fees with us. We only get paid, if we make a placement. Therefore, you have nothing to lose.
5. We source passive candidates Contributors to Corporate Level management
6. We thrive for challenging projects especially if they are confidential positions and Corporate Level management openings.
7. Over 19 years recruiting experience.
8. We have a proven track record with great recommendations on LINKEDIN. Check us out  at  www.linkedin.com/in/swentechsearchaz/     
9. We place Full time and Contract engineers.

- Project Management (on-site and off-site)
Our most experienced engineers have over 20 years of combined project management experience in collateral, IP, ASIC and SoC design and development for full lifecycles of low-volume or high-volume production.  Our in-house design team can help manage your projects from requirements analysis and specification work all the way to silicon verification, yield enhancement, and cost improvement.  Our seasoned project managers can assist your team in developing resource plans and schedule estimates, track project activities, improve team coordination and communication, develop organizational processes, and enhance productivity and efficiency.

Our experts have worked with various combination of small internal teams, cross-functional teams, geographically dispersed groups, local contract staff, outsourced contract work, internally developed IP, licensed IP, and many permutations you may yet encounter.  If you're struggling to build up your capabilities, if you want to increase your output, and you need to enhance your quality but have limited management resources, you can leverage our design team’s experience in managing any and all aspects of your chip development work to deliver the results, quality, and the schedule you need.

Contract recruiters availability for on and off site projects.